Release Date: November 22

That’s right, a week from today everything should be in place to send DataJack off to the good folks at Desura.


I started my first dev log back in August 2008, which means I’ve been working on DataJack for five years. It hasn’t always been a constant stream of activity, but it has always been my main project focus. I began work on DataJack simply because I wanted to make the game I always wanted to see, and I assumed other gamers felt the same way. I knew it was a larger project than I’d done before, but didn’t quite anticipate the extent of effort it would require. But Epic Banana doesn’t back down from an ambitious project, oh no.


Things have come quite a ways from those first test builds. Features were added and removed, enemies were defined and programmed, I made 24 separate missions, a town, user interface, shops, and 28 different weapons. Every step has introduced new challenges, and every phase of development is a different sort of workflow: designing the game, coding its basic engine, creating levels, animating characters, writing flavor text, playtesting and bugfixing.


Of course, even from the very beginning I found a loyal (and very patient) fan base that kept me motivated through the whole thing. The community response has been very encouraging so far. You’ve waited long enough!

The last game I released under Epic Banana Software was Another Day at Work: Wednesday and that must have been in 2002-2003, meaning this will be the first official release in ten years.


As Epic Banana, I’ve always released my games for free. This means that my efforts are entirely supported by gamers like you. I think I must be at least a little bit crazy to give away a five-year project for free, but in the end I want as many people to play it as possible. Please donate if you can.


After DataJack (and perhaps a short break) I have many, many more game ideas that I would love to realize. I have more ideas than I have time, at the moment, unfortunately. But stay tuned, for the release of DataJack, and for what comes next!

19 thoughts on “Release Date: November 22

  1. Super excited! I’ve been following this project for a long time now, and I’m thrilled that you’ve finally finished! (Though I have to imagine you’re even more excited than I am, huh?)

    Hopefully it finds an audience. I’ll do my best to get the word out there!

  2. I missed the entire middle of this project, meaning I only had to deal with the excitement of creation and the final stretch of glorious polish. But I hope my words at both points kept you motivated!

    This is gonna be SO GOOD.

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  4. I have read a review of the game just now and Ive come here to say u: Contratulations! It looks gorgeous, and the design of the buildings and backgrounds are superb! I love how those pnj move and look, and bg make u dream, like in old good games with good designs. Continue, keep on like that. If u decide to sell it or to fund it, count with me guys.

  5. Hi, been playing your game a few days now.
    Pretty good, but darn hard!
    Those turrets who pops up from the floor, what activates them?
    And the A.I is a but twirky: get stuck in walls, objects sometimes. And I think they move too fast. Would more appreciate realistic speed / movements.
    But overall. A fun game. I give it a 4 / 5 score

    • Yep, the A.I. does have some known issues- you should have seen it before the later revamps! My suggestion is to upgrade your leg material so you can run quietly.

      The floor turrets are activated by the alarms. Once the alarm is triggered, they will pop up when you’re in proximity, so they’re pretty punishing.

      Thanks for the comments!

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