Epic Banana will be at Indiecade 2014!!!


Just FYI, I submitted DataJack to this year’s Indiecade festival and have claimed my developers’ ticket! If you’re in the Los Angeles area at all over the weekend of October 9th – 12th and you want to chat or whatever just let me know! Alternatively if you’re going to be there and don’t want to chat then you can expect a tense game of cat-and-mouse as I send forth my agents to hunt you down.

rshaw@epicbanana or https://twitter.com/scrudgey drop me a line baby you know I’m down for a good time

I am still alive!

Well I’m more or less done with my Tanks vs. Mummies experiment, which I began as a little project in order to learn the basics of Unity. Satisfied with that, I’ve started on my next major game project. I’ll announce what that is when I have some more to show for it, but I’ve been working on it for several months now and I’m really excited about it.

If you’ve sent me an email at all recently, I apologize for the delay, I’m trying to get back to everyone as possible with my current schedule. Stay tuned!

Press Response and Known Bugs

DataJack is getting some awesome press!




Fullscreen Mode?

To run the game fullscreen, use the fullscreen_launcher.exe in the DataJack folder.

Known Bugs

Everyone is bringing up that the tutorial is kind of bugged in at least the last (stealth) portion. This is strange to me, I’m trying to see if I can reproduce it. Also I suspect the red keycards are not working as intended due to a different bug fix. These will be fixed in my next update.

It should also be possible to include a key mapper. This is something I’m working on.

Desura Ranking

DataJack’s current ranking:



And stats. 90,000 hits so far!


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My youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/user/scrudgey

And my twitter account: https://twitter.com/scrudgey

Release Date: November 22

That’s right, a week from today everything should be in place to send DataJack off to the good folks at Desura.


I started my first dev log back in August 2008, which means I’ve been working on DataJack for five years. It hasn’t always been a constant stream of activity, but it has always been my main project focus. I began work on DataJack simply because I wanted to make the game I always wanted to see, and I assumed other gamers felt the same way. I knew it was a larger project than I’d done before, but didn’t quite anticipate the extent of effort it would require. But Epic Banana doesn’t back down from an ambitious project, oh no.


Things have come quite a ways from those first test builds. Features were added and removed, enemies were defined and programmed, I made 24 separate missions, a town, user interface, shops, and 28 different weapons. Every step has introduced new challenges, and every phase of development is a different sort of workflow: designing the game, coding its basic engine, creating levels, animating characters, writing flavor text, playtesting and bugfixing.


Of course, even from the very beginning I found a loyal (and very patient) fan base that kept me motivated through the whole thing. The community response has been very encouraging so far. You’ve waited long enough!

The last game I released under Epic Banana Software was Another Day at Work: Wednesday and that must have been in 2002-2003, meaning this will be the first official release in ten years.


As Epic Banana, I’ve always released my games for free. This means that my efforts are entirely supported by gamers like you. I think I must be at least a little bit crazy to give away a five-year project for free, but in the end I want as many people to play it as possible. Please donate if you can.


After DataJack (and perhaps a short break) I have many, many more game ideas that I would love to realize. I have more ideas than I have time, at the moment, unfortunately. But stay tuned, for the release of DataJack, and for what comes next!

Launch Delay

Sorry everyone! It wouldn’t be a game launch without a delay, now would it?

The basic issue is just that I want more play testing before I’m sure the game is ready for launch. The good news is that in my playthoughs I’m not finding major bugs any more, but I am making adjustments to the difficulty.

Things I’m testing for: proper balance between mission rewards & item costs, proper balance between health and enemy damage, proper balance between weapon strengths, costs and enemy health. Proper early hame

More good news is that it is almost here. I sent a review copy to the German TV show Reload (edit: link provided by Frank). A slightly more balanced version is about to make its way to the blog TwoDashStash who also expressed interest in a review / video playthough. This sort of attention has made me nervous and more meticulous about balance.

I would also be lying if I said I didn’t want my launch party to be overshadowed by everyone’s Halloween parties 🙂

Anyway stay tuned, the full launch is just around the corner. Also note I’ve put up a donations button!

Tentative October release date

I just got back from vacation and work is ongoing… At this point I’m writing flavor text, fixing any last bugs I find, working with Apel to finalize the soundtrack, working with Desura, etc.

The entire game is in a playable state. You can start, play though the branching mission tree, manage items / weapons / upgrades, and beat the final mission. The main issue right now though is one of balance, and finding the right combination of costs, rewards, enemy strength and player strength will require a few playthoughs.

I don’t have a whole lot to announce with this post, since I’m just continuing with what I wrote last time, but I wanted the fans to know that I’m really really close to being done with this project, and I’m still aiming for a release in October. The release party will be huge. 4+ years of work huge.