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  1. Great job on the game mate! It is very hard at the beginning, I may have to start over a few times. Having a good deck is paramount to surviving against the guards, not much gets past them. I love the sound track and the effects are great as well. I couldn’t get past the last tutorial mission, I was walking through a wall, I don’t think the game liked that. =D I have noticed a few references to certain movies and games as well, I really love having a laugh at that! Such as “Jack Armitage” and a Robocop one referring to OCP. Excellent job, I’m having a blast.

    • Thank you so much! And a lot of people seem to have that tutorial bug. I don’t get it, but I’m working on it.

      And there are a lot of references packed in there…

  2. Is that me, or DataJack must be running in small screen mode? I also had some problems with tutorial mission (walking trough the walls, lost my deck once). Anyway, this is the cyberpunk game i always want to play since Syndicate. That’s great that DataJack punish player for recklessness – for the first 10 minutes i died more times than for 4 days of playing Bioshock Infinite. Good job, happy that you make it!

    • This is really weird! A lot of people are saying the same stuff about the tutorial but I haven’t seen any of these problems on my end. It’s on my list of things to fix.

      If you want fullscreen, use the fullscreen_launcher.exe .

      >That’s great that DataJack punish player for recklessness – for the first 10 minutes i died more times than for 4 days of playing Bioshock Infinite.

      I’m so glad you appreciate this. I was worried it was too hard, and players are used to much easier gameplay. I’m glad somebody gets it.

  3. Beat it yesterday (all endings), also had similar problems on tutorial level (odd collision, disappearing cyberdeck) along with a few other small bugs, going for a second playthrough for a more thorough bug test.

    Overall pretty fun, and congratulation’s on finishing it!

  4. First of all, congrats on releasing a really great game. I am having one small issue though. After dying repeatedly on the same mission (I think I made bad upgrade choices) I decided to lower the difficulty to easy for my first playthrough. However every time I open the main menu the difficulty has reset to normal.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

    • The game will always default to “normal” on the title screen, but if you’ve started a game on “easy” and are saving and loading it, it will be on easy difficulty.

  5. Just finished the second playthrough, the vast majority of the bugs I seem to be encountering seem to have to do with Level State Data between Level Transitions not being upheld or reset properly.

    Full Report Follows.

  6. =General Bugs=
    -Sometimes when quitting the game (or dying) the Load Game button on the main menu will stop responding (so you can’t load a game). Starting a new game (then quitting) or quiting and reloading the game seems to fix this (eventually).

    -The “Feed” HUD text regularly goes out of bounds and overlaps onto the side of the Stealth HUD.

    -When aborting missions, they always give you the victory post-mission text.

    -The Data Broker has a blank entry below v9.0 software, that says: “I don’t know of a defense against this attack. It will make you unstoppable.”, however nothing can be purchased.

    -Sometimes when aborting/transitioning between your appartment, the Bed/Save will glitch/stop responding and you can’t save (transitioning repeatedly outside your appartment fixes this)

    -If you transition to any previously visited level in a mission (like from the second floor to the first) your gun clip will be set to 0, forcing you to reload.

    -Aborting missions typically restores you to pre-mission health.

    -Equipment loadouts are not reset when you abort a mission, so if you get a Case and abort, it will stay in your inventory when you retry the mission (potentially replacing other gear in your loadout, like the medkit). Saving will also save any Case you get and will load with it, re-selecting your loadout at any point however fixes this (and you just need to save again to get rid of it).

    -Unless otherwise stated below, players can download misc data, Abort the mission, Sell it, and then retry the mission to download it again and again, getting infinite cash (where data is available).

    -If an alert is raised on one floor, and the player transitions to another, troops do not always appear.

    -Alarm timer does not seem to reset every time if you abort the mission, but counts down from however much was left on the clock when you retry.

    -Floor turrets sometimes cannot be hacked, even with a Deck equipped.

    -It does not say why a hack failed (for example if you have max hacksoft but have a level 1 deck, it will say hack failed, but not explicitly why).

    -One Billion Served: ELF
    Nothing wrong

    -Public Broadcasting: ELF
    If you kill people on the second floor, then abort, the map will not reset (people/guards will not respawn, consoles will still be hacked, etc). If you hacked any of the mission specific consoles upstairs then aborted, they will still be hacked when you retry, making the mission unbeatable/broken (the exit will sometimes spawn, but not work).

    Aborting/Retrying will sometimes warp you directly to the elevator doors and equipment will still be hacked.

    -Brain Drain: Omnigen
    Leaving the second floor, then going back up again, then leaving again resets the starting level and warps the player to the starting point.

    Second floor does not reset between transitions, it also doesn’t reset if you Abort the game and come back (turrets/data will still be hacked/downloaded). If you had taken the CyberBrain and Aborted, it will not be there if you retry, making the mission unbeatable/broken (exit won’t spawn). Quitting/reloading resets the map completely (and get the cyberbrain as it will be properly reset).

    Second floor, the node of the turret on the right looks like a “data Node” instead of a turret node.

    -Politics as usual: Omnigen
    Nothing Wrong

    -Open Source: Omnigen
    If you use the keycard without hacking the door, enter, then leave you won’t be able to get back inside (and theres no other keycard).

    If you enter/leave the red door (see above) and abort the mission, the starting level will not reset (all characters you killed will be dead, no new keycard, things still hacked), aborting again and restarting does not always reset the level. (if you entered then left the second area, it will default to this second state when retrying)

    The Second level does not reset even if you abort and come back, even if the first level does properly reset.

    -Bite the Bullet: Delta PMC
    The second level does not reset, even if you Abort. So if you kill the scientist Rafael and Abort, he will not be there when you retry. This doesn’t break the mission however, as you just have to leave back to the beginning and enter the exit (which spawns) to win. Quitting/reloading resets the level properly.

    -Copy that floppy: Delta PMC
    On the second floor you hack a door to gain access to one of the pieces of data you need. If you leave the floor then come back, all the doors reset, however the hacked door glitches, staying open but blocking the player (it can’t be hacked or “opened” again either, even if you abort the mission and come back), effectively killing progress unless you quit/restart or happen to have explosives. (if you abort, then come back with explosives, the mission can still be completed)

    -Waterfront Property: Delta PMC
    The right stairway leading upstairs is glitched, leading out of map bounds, while it CAN lead upstairs, it takes abit of effort to find the “sweet spot”.

    Both stairways on the second floor are also partially bugged (but mostly work).

    Picking up the red key still won’t open the red door (authorization needed), also can’t Hack door (with max hacksoft) and basic deck.

    -One Hit Wonder: Delta PMC
    On the first level, if you go upto the elevetor doors (but not to the second floor), then Abort/Restart it warps you directly to the elevator, and all equipment you’ve hacked is still hacked (doors, turrets, etc) with NPCs respawned.

    The second floor does not reset, even if you Abort (all NPC’s you’ve killed will still be dead, equipment hacked, etc). If you’ve killed Mr. Johnson and abort, he will not be there if you retry, making the mission unbeatable/broken (sometimes the exit is there, but doesn’t work). In most cases you can still Abort, however rare cases have been found where you can’t abort or exit, forcing you to quit/reload.

    If you start then work your way up to the second floor (without aborting) then head back down and abort, NPC’s will remain dead and equipment hacked, even if you abort. If you abort repeatedly however, the first map resets.

    -House Cleaning: ELF
    Moving up and down the upper staircase to the roof multiple times resets the level (and respawns all the NPCs)

    -The Drop: Omnigen
    Aborting the mission seems to glitch the level script, when retrying the mole doesn’t seem to ever walk up and talk to the orange guy, unless you quit/reload the game. Plain clothes bodyguards don’t seem to care.

    Data/pickups do not respawn in the building, unless you quit/reload the game (even if you’ve aborted).

    -Cutting Edge: Delta PMC
    The first level resets normally if you Abort and does not reset during transitions.

    Moving repeatedly between the first, second, and third levels resets the second and third level.

    The Second and Third floors do not reset if you Abort, this means that if you hacked the consoles and/or got the case, they won’t be there if you retry, making the mission unbeatable/broken (unless you use the above exploit to reset the levels).

    Red key will open door on third floor (where you need to plant the computer virus), but will not open red door on second floor where you need to get the case “authorization needed”.

    -Remote Viewer Blues: Omnigen
    First level resets normally if aborted and does not reset during transitions.

    Second level does not reset if you Abort. If you downloaded the data you needed and then Aborted, all the systems will still be hacked and you can’t get it, making the mission unbeatable/broken. (unless you quit/load)

    -Office Building: ELF
    Moving repeatedly between floors resets them completely (NPC/hacks/keycards/data and all).

    If you abort the game, the first floor resets normally, but the second and third do not.

    If you downloaded the data from the third floor and abort, the second and third floor will not reset and all systems previously hacked will stay that way. This means that you can’t download the data you need, making the mission unbeatable/broken (unless you use the above exploit and reset the maps by moving repeatedly between them).

    The red key (in the lower left first floor) does not open red doors “authorization needed”. (are they Orange doors?)

    The turret on the second floor is “unhackable” (blue), even after you hack the console allowing you to hack the nearby security system.

    Can’t pickup what appears to be a red key on the third floor (lower right)

    -Noodle Bucket: ELF
    Nothing wrong

    -Jack That Data: Omnigen
    Cannot Abort mission

    -Coverup: Delta PMC
    The Second and Third levels do not reset when you Abort, making the mission unbeatable/broken (unless you quit/load).

    Guards called in the Left area (if you set off the alarm) have usually strong armor. Normally guards of that type take 4 shots (from the Jehrico 941 w/AP mod), these guards take 8-10.

    -Dispute Resolution: Omnigen
    Hacking the generator makes you 100% visible and turns on all the lights, is it supposed to do that?

    On the third floor (with the case), the Gun-Turret and Camera’s Nodes appear to be glitched. There is a line going to the camera, but it has no Node on it, and clicking on/hacking the Gun-Turret shows two hacks at an invisible Node by the camera and the Gun-Turret itself (that seems to hack the camera). When finished hacking the Gun-Turret Node is still green, hacking the Gun-Turret Node again disables it.

    Moving repeatedly between the first, second, and third floors resets them to default (including putting you back at spawn in the first level).

    The second and third levels do not reset when you Abort the game, this means that if you got the case it won’t be there when you retry, making the mission unbeatable/broken (unless you use the above exploit to reset the levels). Even if the case is still in your inventory (after having taken it on your previous try) the exit trigger won’t work.

    -Third Time’s the Charm: Delta PMC
    The camera in the first level appears to be double-stacked, when hacked a second camera (on top) seems to keep moving (but does not function, so more of a minor issue).

    Moving repeatedly between the first and second levels resets the first level.

    Second Level does not reset after aborting. So if you’ve taken the case (and beaten your rival) it won’t be there when you Abort/Retry, making the mission unbeatable/broken (unless you quit/load).

    -Street Doc: ELF
    Sometimes when Aborting/Retrying you will warp directly to the stairs, sometimes with Police NPCs spawned. The Second floor will sometimes not reset and the alarm won’t go off after you talk to the street-doc (goons won’t show up). However when you go downstairs there will typically be police NPCs and the exit will spawn.

    Moving between the first and second levels resets the first level

    There is a computer console that cannot be hacked or accessed.

    -Loose Ends: Omnigen
    Transitioning repeatedly between the first and second levels resets the second level.

    Killing the Street-Doc (your objective) cause your feed to display “Objective A Failed”.

    Aborting/retrying warps you directly to the first level stairs, Punk NPC’s don’t respawn if you kill them no matter how many times you Abort/retry (unless you quit/load).

    The second level does not reset if you Abort. If you’ve killed the street-doc already, he’ll already be dead (along with everyone else you killed), just head back down to the first level and the exit-portal will spawn.

    There is a console here that cannot be hacked or interacted with.

    =Final Missions=
    -Patient Zero: Delta PMC
    -Liberation?: ELF
    -Machine God: Omnigen
    Moving repeatedly between any of the 4 floors resets them.

    Red key does not open red door in Nano-Assembler room.

    Aborting the game always shows the ending cinematic and ends the game, even if you didn’t complete the objectives (this makes it difficult to determine if the rooms properly reset if you abort, and whether this could break the game).

    For the most part the final 3 missions objectives seem to function normally.

          • Yeah I hadn’t read the manual, but figured it was because of the level of the deck, since I had max hacksoft. Although I thought that hacking in general (doors/nodes/etc) was dependent on both the level of deck AND hacksoft, not just the level of the deck for physical objects and hacksoft for nodes. I listed it because this wasn’t very clear in-game, and it stating “hack failed” didn’t really tell me why (software/hardware?).

            You might consider renaming the “D” menu’s Hack Device “Hacksoft” to “Hardening” like in the shop menu listing where you buy new decks, and changing the fail text to something like “Hack Failed: Deck Hardening Too Low” to clearly tell the player they need a better deck.

          • Those are really good suggestions and I should have thought of that sooner. Something like this will be in the next real version.

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    • Make sure you first hack the terminal- that’s how you get access to the network. Use your hacking device on the terminal (E) then open the terminal (F) then click the turret to upload the virus. Try that and see if it works.

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