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Click that icon to check out the DataJack IndieDB entry. This is the first step to getting set up on Desura where DJ will be made available. The IndieDB entry has a bunch of screenshots, some not seen before, and both of the good youtube videos I put up. The videos are old, from before the AI and LOS overhaul, so they’re not perfect, but it’s better than nothing.

In other news, balance is tough. I’m rejiggering the damage calculation algorithms to make the enemies a bit more challenging. All actors have health and armor ratings, and all weapons have damage and armor-piercing ratings, a system I modeled on the original Fallout. Making it work in a reasonable fashion is another thing entirely.

In the end, I’d much rather have people complain that it’s too hard rather than too easy. The full-on playthough testing will begin shortly… I’m running out of bugs to fix.

3 thoughts on “IndieDB page is up

  1. Its kinda neat that ur going into a lil bit of “smart” hardcore, too much games nowadays that hard only coz its hard (like dunno…meatboy) or “press X to win” games. Gameplay with options is what I stand for. Anyway, good luck, ur almost there, mate.

    • It seems like games get divided into “hard games”, and hand-holding games that you’ll beat eventually without much effort which are more like movies. There are things to be said for both idioms I guess, but that’s really like a whole blog post in itself. In the end I’m not sure where DataJack will fall, and this process now is about trying to tune the game to be somewhat reasonable…

      • Yeas thats what i meant! I only can hope and wish u accomplish ur tuning the way u want it. BTW if I not fail, there will be a the first fun art for datajack )

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