Tentative October release date

I just got back from vacation and work is ongoing… At this point I’m writing flavor text, fixing any last bugs I find, working with Apel to finalize the soundtrack, working with Desura, etc.

The entire game is in a playable state. You can start, play though the branching mission tree, manage items / weapons / upgrades, and beat the final mission. The main issue right now though is one of balance, and finding the right combination of costs, rewards, enemy strength and player strength will require a few playthoughs.

I don’t have a whole lot to announce with this post, since I’m just continuing with what I wrote last time, but I wanted the fans to know thatΒ I’m really really close to being done with this project, and I’m still aiming for a release in October. The release party will be huge. 4+ years of work huge.

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