Launch Delay

Sorry everyone! It wouldn’t be a game launch without a delay, now would it?

The basic issue is just that I want more play testing before I’m sure the game is ready for launch. The good news is that in my playthoughs I’m not finding major bugs any more, but I am making adjustments to the difficulty.

Things I’m testing for: proper balance between mission rewards & item costs, proper balance between health and enemy damage, proper balance between weapon strengths, costs and enemy health. Proper early hame

More good news is that it is almost here. I sent a review copy to the German TV show Reload (edit: link provided by Frank). A slightly more balanced version is about to make its way to the blog TwoDashStash who also expressed interest in a review / video playthough. This sort of attention has made me nervous and more meticulous about balance.

I would also be lying if I said I didn’t want my launch party to be overshadowed by everyone’s Halloween parties 🙂

Anyway stay tuned, the full launch is just around the corner. Also note I’ve put up a donations button!

4 thoughts on “Launch Delay

  1. Hey man! Glad that you’ve sent out some review copies! Can’t wait for launch. I mean, I will wait because I want to play a game you’re happy with shipping, but maaaan I cannot wait.

    Good luck putting the finishing touches on it!

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