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Here is an example of an early contract from the Erisian Liberation Front (E.L.F.), the revolutionary, anarchic hacker gang. In the game, all missions are made available to you as email contracts from the three different factions, branching out to more difficult missions after you’ve built up your reputation.┬áThis mission is pretty benign in that it doesn’t involve any killing or theft; it’s also pretty easy and is one of the first missions in the game:



for immediate solicitation
“Challenger muttered that he was taking the earth with him, that he was leaving for the mysterious world, his poison garden. He whispered something else: it is by headlong flight that things progress and signs proliferate. Panic is creation.”
-Deleuze and Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus

I was talking to my friend Bones the other day: “Bones,” I says to him, “how buzzy is it that we don’t control the means of mass communication? Why, it’s criminal the way those pig megacorps deny the public our voice of reason!” And so the idea was born.

We have a video file that we would really like the public to see. Unfortunately we don’t currently have access to the airwaves and the gatekeepers of public taste would keep it that way. We need you to give us that access. You can do this by breaking into a local broadcast building and hacking their server and video database. Be aware, the building is known to have a metal detector in its lobby. You’ll need to think of a way around that.

We also want you to plant a backdoor in their firewall so that we don’t have to make you go through all this trouble again in the future.
Today the airwaves, tomorrow the solar system! Hail Eris!

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