Content is Done!!!

After roughing out the plot with my friend and fellow game designer Sofy, I realized that I have all of the missions I need, so the content of the game is basically done. I also now have the three main story arcs and all the concepts for the flavor text.

So right now my work is focused on writing the mission prompts and other flavor text, bug testing, mission finalizing, and then playtest and balancing. I did not expect to be this close to finished with this game after such a long development cycle.

Stay tuned for exciting updates!

11 thoughts on “Content is Done!!!

  1. Great news! Want to play it now. I will post your realese whereever i can. I am sure i will have very good time playin it.

  2. Hey! Can’t wait for the finished game! Is there a twitter feed or some other place I can follow you to find out as soon as soon as its released? Good luck!

    • That’s a good question. I think I keep this blog more updated than anything else, and the game doesn’t have a twitter feed yet I guess. You could use the RSS feed at the bottom of the page if you’re down with RSS.

  3. I just googled epic banana to see what would come up, I used to play your games years ago! I am so glad you are still making games, stoked to play this one!

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