Need ideas for final missions

It’s getting to that point where I need to wrap up the missions, which means I need three different final mission sets which will wrap up the story arcs for the three factions… Which means I need story arcs for the main factions. Haha.

cyborgAll in all, I’m happy with how the project is turning out. It certainly underwent some dramatic overhauls, which just means there were things I should have implemented / done differently from the start. Unfortunately it’s really hard to see such things in advance and instead you learn them from experience, as I have done here.

There are still missions to be made, so I’m going to put down the blog and get back to this latest level…

3 thoughts on “Need ideas for final missions

  1. Another great news, nice sprite. Hope i can kick that robots ass or whoever this cyber-commando is.
    If you need ideas for story arcs we can try to figure out smthing if you would like just mail me.

    • One more thing, who is this cyber-commando guy? Is he a super badass last boss, or some smallfry, or maybe this is new armor for our character to wear(of course if u have some inventory mechanic of some sort). Nevertheless you got me intrigued 🙂

      • He’s an example of one of the deadliest sorts of corporate security cyborg: he has a full exoskeleton, state-of-the-art weaponry and is kept drugged with a cocktail of stimulants and smart drugs. If you can’t avoid these guys, your best bet is to hit them with the rocket launcher.

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