I haven’t posted recently, but this is not a bad thing. It’s because everything is pretty much as it was last time: I’m still making levels, still haven’t figured out the magical video codec combination to make youtube like my videos, and progress is steady as always.

Latest level in development

Latest level in development

I got some solid feedback from a play tester and have been sharpening my level designs. They’re getting bigger and more difficult, which is good, and I think they’re all still pretty different from one another. I’m up to 17 missions now which is really close to where I want to be.

Balancing everything after the fact is going to be another matter entirely.

So, fear not, gentle reader, DataJack will be out this year. I just need to play a little less Nethack, Dwarf Fortress, and Rollercoaster Tycoon 2, if I can help it.

6 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Nethack! <3 I loved it. First Roguelike that got me addicted to them. Then I discovered Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup. I love the skill training system! Try it out! :DDD

    On a side note, hoping to see this game soon! Keep it up!

  2. I also hope maybe in the future you can make this dynamic: living breathing world, A.I that goes by his business, do stuff without your interaction. Sort of like mount & blade’s A.I

    • I love to see games go in that direction, that is my design philosophy. Definitely beyond the scope of DataJack 1 though. I would love to make an open-world freeform cyberpunk sort of RPG.

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