Buuuuuuuug Fixin’

Before I get wrapped up in the last handful of missions, I needed to make sure the existing ones were more or less ready to go. I replayed them all and they’re pretty much to my satisfaction- there are a handful of things to fix here and there, but nothing show-stopping. This is really good news, because it means the code overhaul went through without a hitch.

invstill can’t figure out how to record, encode and upload video to youtube such that it doesn’t come out looking like crap. This is annoying because I used to have a system that worked, evidenced by my last round of gameplay trailers, but the recent test footage I upped looks terrible. I think it’s mostly the encoding- it’s youtube’s black box processing that screws it up. It’s tricky to get an HD 640×480 video out there.

So basically things are moving along as expected. The game plays better than ever and I’m super excited to get it out. I still want to try a webcast of the dev process, but that will be when I’m ready to start on these last few missions.

3 thoughts on “Buuuuuuuug Fixin’

    • I tried a bunch of different things. MPEG, AVI I think… I think the last time I got it working, it was an h.264 mpeg ? Youtube is not very clear about the best format to upload in. It’s their post-processing that kills it- things look more or less okay on my end.

  1. Yep, I also tried to upload different files in different format. I advise you to convert video to XviD AVI with bitrate about 700 or so. For example I made a review for one game and the original size of the video file (about 5 minutes) was almost 4 GB! But then I converted it with VirtualDubMod and received 25 MB file.

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