Work Continues!


A page from the project notebook

A page from the project notebook

The intensity of the holidays and my qualifying exams has passed, and I’ve resumed working on DataJack again in earnest. Only two main things remain to be done:

1. Completing the rest of the missions (about five to go)

2. Balancing the mission rewards and item costs

There are a few minor things here and there that I’m tweaking, like flavor text, some graphical updates, fleshing out the world, etc. I’m also starting to think that a guard A.I. overhaul / updating needs to be done. This could be somewhat of a pain but I think it’d be worth it. Bad A.I. could drag the whole project down, and I hate for that to happen after all this work.

After various updates to the software and talking with the Multimedia Fusion devs, I found the hardware-accelerated display modes have matured quite a bit and I’ve switched DataJack over to full Direct3D 9 with incredible improvements in framerate. This is also now why I think I have some breathing room to make the A.I. a little smarter.

I hope to update more frequently as I push for the finish line here. When it’s ready, DataJack will be published on Desura. Stay tuned!

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